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    s1200btl with E3-1240 memory problem


      Hi all,

      I have motherboard s1200btl with cpu E3-1240.

      When I put in memory Kingston KVR1333D3E9S/4G server doesn't boot properly (it starts up, then restarts power after 2 seconds - round robin). When I switch power off then i can hear beeps 1-5 (nothing else).

      During initializaion I see LED codes switched off - only LED nr 4 is longer on, after LED 4 switches off LEDs blink and then I see power restart - round robin like above.


      Memory is 100% full compatible - I think so regards kingston specification. I tried different memory with this same effect.

      When I switch memory off server is on longer time without any power reboots.


      Any idea, please?