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    DH77EB:  CIR / infrared remote control stops working after calling Media Center Windows 8


      Hello, I’m having following problem with the DH77EB  using internal CIR port for infrared remote control
      and Media Center Windows 8 :


      When I operate Windows 8 with an infrared control, all is fine - up to the point when I invoke Media Center .


      After starting/being in Media Center the Infrared is “dead” – i.e. the media center (and any other application then) will not take any commands from
      the remote control.

      Also when exiting Media Center, Windows will not take any more commands from the infrared remote.


      I did not find any means to get the infrared back again to function other than to restart the PC.

      Problem is reproducible, i.e. after re-boot same behavior, remote works up to the point when calling Media Center


      I’m using various remote controls- same behavior, i.e. the problem is not with the infrared remote control


      Could this be an (non-intended) reset/reconfiguration of the CIR port when calling
      Windows Media Center ?

      e.g. a nuvoton driver problem with  windows 8 / media center ?


      aware of this and a fix/solution ?