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    DZ77RE-75K bios 0063


      I installed bios level 0063 on the Intel DZ77RE-75K via the F7 method and so far no big issues except fast boot.  After boot fast is enabled, I noticed some video display issues (1920x1080) with the Windows sign on screen, Windows desktop background and with one of my games. Turning off fast boot eliminates the issue.


      Shutdown times with Windows 7 and Windows 8 is 6-7 seconds in Legacy mode.  I haven't booted in UEFI mode.


      Intel DZ77RE-75K, i7-3770k not overclocked

      four - 4GB Corsair 1866 dimms --CML16GX3M4A1866C9B running stable at 1600

      Corsair HX650 power supply

      Vertex 3 - AHCI with Windows 7 -- primary boot drive

      three Hitachi 2GB hard drives -- four different images (W8 32/64 and W7 32/64)

      HP BD-RE BH20L Blu-ray drive

      NVIDIA GTX 460 1GB driver level 310.90

      Four Enermax 4 wire PMW fans

      Rosewill Blackhawk case


      Motherboard settings: LAN disabled, Marvel disabled, chassis intrusion disabled, network boot disabled, video optimization enabled