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    CSMI Support in Matrix Storage Driver


      I am trying to figure out if I can send CC_CSMI_SAS_STP_PASSTHRU commands to my HDD hooked to Intel C600 Series Chipset in RAID mode.


      Sending the CC_CSMI_SAS_GET_DRIVER_INFO on the SCSI note yields:

      Driver iaStor

      Desc Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver

      Version 8.6

      Build Ver 2

      Build Rel Ver 1019

      CSMI 0.76


      Sending CC_CSMI_SAS_GET_PHY_INFO returns with bNumberOfPhys set to 2.


      Sending the CC_CSMI_SAS_STP_PASSTHRU with (IDENTIFY 0xEC) to either of the PHY returns a ReturnCode of 3 (CSMI_SAS_STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER).


      So my question is, is CC_CSMI_SAS_STP_PASSTHRU even supported on this version of the Matrix Storage Driver?


      BTW, this is on Windows 8 using VS 2012