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    Apple Thunderbolt to Ethernet Adapter on DC3217by


      I installed the Apple Thunderbolt to Gb Ethernet Adapter with the Broadcom Netxtreme Drivers. Good news is that it seems to work. Bad news is that upstream transfer is only 20 MB/sec where downstream is over 100 MB/sec. I tried some large file transfers between three computers all Gb ethernet and ssd drives thru Gb switch. The bottle neck points to the Thunderbolt Ethernet Adapter which is a bit disappointing.


      Anyone else have this adapter installed?

      What is your experience up and down stream?

      Any ideas why there is such a differential in data transfer rates?


      Comments are welcome. Thanks for your consideration.




      The windows driver enables Large Send Offset (ipv4) by default. This needs to be disabled. It dramatically improves upstream transfer rate when disabled. Up and down stream is now very fast. Case closed!