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    DZ68DB - Unable to install windows 7 64-bit from flash drive


      Just building up a new PC with the Intel DZ68DB mobo (Intel i5-3750, 8 GB DDR3, 120 GB SSD (Sandisk)).

      On all sorts of previous machines, I have been able to 'boot' from a USB flash disk (4 GB) and the installation went flawlessly (IE: an old DP35DP, a DG33FB, etc. LOTS of Intel systems have been loaded with this same flash disk - which , by the way, gets 'cleaned' and an entirely new set of installation files written to it before any/all installations).

      But during this initial installation on this new mobo, Windows 7(64-bit) stops nearly immediately and poses a question that a 'needed driver is missing'..  Thinking it might be the AHCI drivers, I 'steered' it to another flash that contained all the drivers from the CD - carefully 'walking' the installer thru ALL the multitudinous folders - only to have the installer tell me "no additional drivers found". So I thought, OK, maybe it's looking for the USB 3 drivers (even tho the USB drive is not plugged into any of the USB 3 ports) - but no-go there as well.  The sole reason for booting the install from the flash drive was to (hopefully) decrease the installation time - but of course, by now I've wasted more than 3X the 'normal' time as compared to simply installing from DVD - which is now installing flawlessly as I type this.

      So I gotta ask... what in the hades is stopping the install from the flash drive?  I JUST installed Win7 64-bit from this same flash disk on another PC (also an Intel mobo - a DG41TY with a Q9650) and it just sprinted to a full install in something under 20 minutes.  So anyone have any idea why this won't work on this DZ68DB?  I am boggled...  been using Intel mobos for damned near "eons" (well... that may be a slight exaggeration - but sometimes it feels like that amount of time) and I've installed Win 7 64-bit WAY TOO MANY times in the past and have never encountered or seen this particular error...

      Clues from any one?