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    Problem with Intel HD 4000 Graphic card driver with DVI display

    Kartikeya Karnatak




      I am trying to connect my dell monitor to my ultrabook using dvi-i cable.

      The moment I connect the monitor goes blank, it doesnt go in stand-by or not-connected mode, but kinda just freezes.



      Later when I tried to disable/enable the graphic card, it started working.

      However, sometimes I need to disable/enable the intel HD graphic card more than 4 times to let the display transferred to my Dell monitor, its really annoying and I am not doing it anymore.



      I am using windows 8 64-bit, 3rd gen corei5, intel hd 4000 with amd 7670 HD graphics.amd 7670,

      I have downloaded the latest drivers for both the graphic cards, but nothing worked.



      I have read somewhere that it is a genuine issue with intel drivers.



      Is this problem already fixed or we still have to wait for a fix?



      Also, how exactly disabling and enabling is fixing this issue? Does it set a flag somewhere in graphic card which transfer the display.