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    DX79TO with a Xeon E5-2620


      This is very frustrating, according to intel the E5-2620 will support the DX7970 as long as the revison version of the motherboard is

      G28805-400 or  later ( Intel® Processors and Boards Compatibility Tool - Search Results Page)


      Well, I just bought a DX79T0 with revision G28805-402 and the system won't boot. It turns on but after 5 seconds it shuts for about two seconds, then it turn again on by itsefl and does forever 3 continious beeps. I think that indictes a processor incompatibility, isn't it? Have tried the BIOS recovery method inserting a flash drive with the latest .BIO and removing the jumper but the system acts as before


      How do I get this problem solve? where the hell do I get an i7-3930k or 3960? Flipping intel, this mobo that I have was manufacture OCT-12 and I can't believe it has been release from factory with an older bios, I suspect I need to upgrade to the latest one to get my Xeon supported


      Any advise would be helpful, never have returned any bought products, and less to intel, feel really crash down for such a giant company ;-(

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          Hello Manny, the 3 beep tones indicate memory problem, but as you mentioned this can be related to the BIOS version on your motherboard.


          I recommend you to first check that the RAM memory that you are using is 1333MHz at 1.5v CL9 non ECC and unbuffered.


          If the memory is indeed compatible, the next step will be to update the BIOS with a compatible processor, if you don't have access to one you can surely contact our technical support and we will gladly try to assist you.



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            Hi Victor,


            Thank you so much for your answer


            You were absolutely right!


            I went ahead a bought a 8GB of one of the RAMs advertised on the system board memory compatibility (http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/dx79to/sb/CS-032853.htm) , and there you go, it booted right at first without any issues.  The mobo BIOS version that I had was 406 and indeed compatible with Xeon. Furthermore, when checking the logs of the mobo, it recorded the times when I fitted the faulty ram or when I removed the cmos battery, it knew all in spite of not booting


            Have been running the system for a few days doing stress check with prime95 and the cpu take it just like that.


            Thanks again for the great advice





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              Please correct my post, I meant to say the BIOS version dispached with the mobo was 460 (and indeed compatible with Xeon) and not 406