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    shows high temprature of the disk

    sergey redkin

      Program Intell Desktop Utiltities shows the SSD disk temperature of 100 degrees. This m-SATA drive, set initially to create the cache. Then I installed the another SSD as a boot drive. After that, the m-SATA was so displayed temperature. Naturally, the actual temperature is normal.

      System - Windows 8, motherboard - DH77EB.

      All updates is done.2013-02-06-078.jpg

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          I was told by an Intel technician that this is a bug in the program. It happens to me as well. I have an SSD Drive in my system. IDU does not know what an SSD is and therefore reports the temp wrong. Just ignore it. I'm sure (some day next year) they will make a newer version and this problem will be fixed.