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    Power Consumption E3-1245 vs E3-1265lv2


      as the title says,


      can somebody give me some numbers how much each CPU consumes power




      100 % Load = 1245 100 Watt and 1264lv2 50 Watt










      If it helps board S1200-BTL with 6 hdd each server.


      Server does, read, write, analyze, compress data


      No 3rd party GFX and no monitor plugged.


      It would be also enough if i have some numbers only for the CPU.


      Thank you

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          Freddy Gonzalez

          Hello NoName,


          What we provide is the TDP of each individual processor which consists mainly in how much watts the cooler needs to dissipate, but talking about how much power each core consumes is hard to tell, since a lot of measures will need to be considered such as hardware, applications, processor workload, temperature, etc.