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    64 bit Software or 32 bit software


      how can i know if the software is optimized for 64 bit machine architecture or the software manufacturer is cheating just saying that it is 64 bit software?

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          Hello Shyam,


          For you to be able to confirm if the software was optimized for a 64 bit operating system, we recommend you contacting the respective software developer.

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            Hi Intel_Karla,


            Am at the user end.I cannot contact the developer bcoz am looking at the end product which the company claims to be 64 bit software.After doing thorough assessment of both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the same software product I dont find any difference in between the performance and speed.


            In fact in some cases, we find 32 bti version better than 64 bit in some of the functionalities of the product. It actually seems the company is cheating me. I want to thoroughly check whether it is 64- bit or 32 bit.