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    The need for full 'GPT' support in the 'Data Migration' software for SSDs


      Lately, a lot of the new laptops especially, the new smaller form factor laptops with touch screens are utilizing EFI Bios and GPT partitioning.


      This has resulted in compatibility issues when attempting to clone Hard Drives with GPT Partitions to Intel SSDs.  I personally experienced this frustration trying to install an Intel SSD in my ASUS, Q200e notebook. I was able to research the EFI/GPT Standard and eventually find software with full GPT support to clone the Q200e, HD to my Intel SSD.


      It would be very beneficial to our customers to provide full ‘GPT’ support in the 'Data Migration Software' included with the SSD retail packages. And it would be great if Intel also provided some information on cloning HDs in systems with EFI Bios/GPT Partitions.