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    access non-bootable raid partition

    dziugas dzikaras

      Hi, guys so i have a problem and need advice how to proceed with it.


      anyways i have raid 5 setup on Intel ICH10R controller. 4x seagate 1.5tb drives. raid is partitioned to 2 partitions 1tb bootable and 3tb non-bootable.


      last week one of my drives failed so seagate sent me replacement. i replaced the drive, and booted up, intel raid was rebuilding raid in windows, but sometime at night widows crashed and computer wont boot up (CI.dll missing)


      anyways when i go to raid controller i can see the raid and it shows both of my partitions: C: (bootable 1tb as degraded) and d:smileysad:non bootable 3tb as working fine). i ran seatools and another drive has some bad sectors.


      i have data on d: partition that i need to save. so what is best way to do that?

      try re-install/repair windows on bootable partition C:  thats degraded? or can i install new OS on another non raid drive and access raid partitions from that?


      this sucks majorly as it seems that i had two drives fail before raid was all the way repaired. drive still works but has bad sectors. Short test gave me error 70AEE161.i am doing long test in seatools dos right now and will update on that.


      but main question is can i access second non-bootable partition from other OS or any other way


      thank you in advance

      regards, Ziggy


      p.s. quite disapointed in seagate i have used there drives for over 15 years without a problem, and when i built last computer bought more or 5x ST31500341AS. two of them aleady failed and have been replaced, now 3rd one looks like is failing before raid was repaired.