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    SRCS28X Controller Question

    Des Dougan

      I have a client with an all-Intel server (apart from disks, of course). The RAID controller is a model SRCS28X and it seems to be failing - it is showing a failed drive in slot 1, but if the drive is moved and the configuration rescanned, it continues to show port 1 failed. Rescanning is also showing inconsistencies in the number and position of active drives (there are 4, with 2 slots empty).


      From my research, this model of controller is EOL. The client is in the process of replacing the server (in fact, the order was being placed today), but would like to keep this system as a backup. Is it possible to put a newer RAID controller in this system (which also includes a S5000VSASATAR motherboard and a AXX6DRV3G hot swap assembly)?






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          Sure you can put a newer RAID controller in this system. It depends on a couple things though. Are you wanting to keep the data on the RAID array controller by the SRCS28X? If so that's a tough one. The SRCS28X uses the Intel* 80331 I/O Processor. Newer Intel* RAID controllers use LSI ROC controllers. This means that disk data is different and a newer controller wouldn't read the array configuration off the disks properly and let you just plug and go.


          If you have a backup of your data, or can get one, and plan to start fresh and restore to a new controller, that's much easier.


          I suggest a RAID controller that's compatible with the S5000VSA. You can find validated controllers on the S5000VSA the Tested hardware list.




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            Des Dougan



            Many thanks for this - it's most helpful.