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    My i5-3570K and it's temperatures

    James Jackson



      I have joined up as I would like peace of mind. I have a two week old i5-3570K installed onto a MSI MPower Mobo. I have been monitoring temperatures etc and I have searched the web for temperatures and never really found a concrete answer.


      When Turbo mode is enabled my CPU is hitting 75 to 85 degrees whilst playing Battlefield 3 for an hour or so. I then turned off Turbo mode and it is running completely stock and hits a mximum of 69 degrees over a good 5 hour session. I am using Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste which has brought it down a few degrees.


      Are these temperatures OK especially on stock settings and nothing to worry about? I know the max is 105 but I would like to be as furtherest from that as possible.


      Thanks in advance,

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          Hi James, 65-67 temp is still much high while playing games.. So can you tell the temp at idle state, means no working in your system.


          Also check your fan is it connected right. Means is it connected to CPU_FAN header properly or not ?


          If possible share the motherboard model name &  CMOS settings of FAN & CPU temp monitoring menu ..




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            Freddy Gonzalez

            Hello James Jackson,


            Please try the following steps for troubleshooting your system:


            • Check the integration of your processor               
            • Checked that there’s enough thermal compound
            • CPU fan correctly attached to the motherboard
            • Latest BIOS firmware on the motherboard


            After doing this you might want to run the Intel® processor diagnostic tool to verify your processor conditions.




            If during stress your processors temperatures do not overpass the 90°C degrees; it means that your processor is working as expected.