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    Need a Resolution to my Resolution issue

      A few weeks ago my hp pavillion dv6000 (running Vista) began to automatically change my resolution to the lowest setting every time it came out of hibernation, restarted, etc... Every time I reboot the computer I have to go to the graphics properties and adjust it to my desired setting of 1280x800.  Further, now, my screen will randomly go blank in the middle of me doing work.  I have to close my laptop, sign in again to resume and, of course, adjust the graphics settings b/c it has reset them to the ridiculously large icons...It is so annoying!  I have dowloaded every driver update known to man for Vista and Intel and nothing seems to fix the problem.  I have also tried a system restore to a few weeks ago before the problem started and it did nothing to fix the problem.  Of course, HP and Windows want me to pay $60 to have them them tell me that they don't know what the problem is and I will have to do a system restore to the computer's original state and clean everything off my of laptop...can anyone PLEASE HELP???


      If this info helps, I am using Mobile Intel (R) 945 Express Chipset Family



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          OK now this may be a long shot but a couple of years back when i first got my dell with vista i had a little problem with the screen where sometimes it would change resolution, sometimes it would not show anything and i had to CTRL ALT DEL and close the screen and it was very annoying.

          before anything else i need to say that new drivers fixed my issue (haven't had the issue window Windows 7 Beta).


          Please check this website and try the suggestion to disable TMM. http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/115320-transient-multimon-manager-tmm.html

          the procedure is reversible but it may help.

          disabling TMM doesn't mean that you CANT use external monitors, it just means that i won't detect them automatically (you'll have to manually press your laptop fn key conbination to get the external monitor).



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            Thank you OJconcentrate for the info.  I followed the directions on the link and found that it was already disabled, so I am back to sqaure one. 


            Thanks anyway for taking the time to reply!