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    DH77EB - front usb 3.0

    Juan Manuel


      I recently bought a Lexar 32GB JumpDrive S73 USB 3.0 flash drive, and it does not work correctly when plugged to the front usb connector of my computer case, a Silverstone PS07. This case has native usb 3.0 front connectors, so they're directly plugged to the motherboard usb 3.0 header, an Intel DH77EB. I inspected the cable and it looks fine. Besides this, I also checked the motherboard usb 3.0 header, and there are no bent pins.


      I cannot for example, format the flash drive. On Windows, I get this error:



      I also can see Windows has trouble recognizing the device:



      However, the flash drive works perfectly when plugged to the back usb 3.0 connectors. I also have no problems with usb 2.0 flash drives when plugged on the front connectors.


      Can anyone help me? Thank you.