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    My mic icon does not appear windows 8 64bit?

    Adam Brookes

      hi I installed windows 8 64bit and I have the Intel® Desktop Board DQ965GF motherboard and the only mic options that are showing are Digital Audio (S/PDIF) and Digital Audio Interface.
      there is no normal mic option the sound is working but not the mic, all my drivers are up to date, but my bios is 2006 (although I don't think this matters).I've tried to set up my mic from the options but its only the 2 options stated above that I get.


      ive right clicked and both options are ticked for show disabled devices and show disconnected devices >.< so you can see why I baffled as to why I don't have a normal mic icon

      does anyone know how I get a normal mic icon there so my mic works? a
      ny help is much appreciated