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    Can't Get AHCI To Work - Windows 8


      bios storage option = ahci

      device manager ata/atapi controllers = standard dual channel pci ide controller


      just can't seem to get windows 8 to install/use the ahci controller....


      - new system

      - clean windows 8 install

      - one new ssd drive and one new hybrid drive

      - windows 8 installed on ssd

      - bios set to ahci

      - loaded controller drivers during install using usb flash


      despite this process the ahci controller(s) does not appear in device manager under ata/atapi controllers, instead the ide controller shows up.what did i do wrong? why won't windows 8 recognize the bios ahci setting? any help would be greatly appreciated!


      chipset - intel pch-c206

      hp z1 server

      latest bio update installed

      cpu - e-1245

      ssd (120gb) - operating system

      hybrid drive (500gb) - storage

      memory - 16gb