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    Processor Upgrade Issue with Shuttle Barebones Socket 775 PC


      Hi everyone,


      I am having issues with a processor upgrade on my shuttle pc, I bought the shuttle pc quite cheap on eBay for around £30.

      My intensions was to make it into a home media center/gaming pc for my livingroom.


      The original spec as purchased from eBay was:


      Shuttle S113G, Celeron 430 (1.8Ghz, Socket 775)

      Basic motherboard VGA graphics, 512mb Ram, IDE 80gb HDD.


      So far at a low cost I have managed to replace the ram with Corsair 2x1GB DDR400, added a ATI Radeon HD5450 1GB DDR3 Graphics Card and replaced the hard drive with a SATA 1TB Seagate Barracuda.


      The PC is running ok with Windows 8 Pro installed, but the processor is lagging with some games and blu-ray films.

      I have tried overclocking the processor in Bios which does help alot but only for a while, the processor starts getting too hot causing it to force shutdown.


      I found a brand new Celeron D 352 processor (3.20Ghz Socket 775) on eBay going cheap, so I bidded on it and won it hoping it would solve the problem. The processor was identical to look at and it fitted no problem. However I cannot get the PC to boot.

      It will not post screen, and no beeps coming from the bios speaker during power up.


      I thought the processor maybe faulty so I sent it back for a replacement, but the replacement also does not work.


      Anyone any idea's