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    Warranty of a boxed prozessor without using the boxed cooling solution


      Hey everybody.


      my question is about the lenght of warranty if i use another cooling solution as the boxed version.


      usually it´s a 3 year warranty of my i5 2500K (bought as boxed in 04/2011). a tray version will have only 12 month (imho). i have heared that the using with other cpu-coolers (sure compatible at socket and TDP) will set down the warranty to the tray version...is this right?


      whats happend with the lenght of warranty if i´ve started with a cpu-cooler like a scythe mugen3 or EKL alpenfön brocken?

      this coolers are much better than the boxed version. if i did´nt fail the installation, everything is perfect (temp, speed, V-Core) and the processor will die after 24month in case of any unknown reasons...will i get full 3 year warranty or not?


      btw. i have never see a cpu dieing in my computers...it´s just for an information


      with kind regards