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    Avast Antivirus and Intel Anti-Theft not playing nice together?


      I have a brand new laptop, an Asus G75VW-DS71, I originally installed the Avast! Antivirus Pro software before I received the Intel/McAfee Anti-Theft Service app.


      Since I have done so, my Avast! Antivirus has stopped working. This obviously is because of the Anti-Theft software has caused my Antivirus is not working. Is it really this problematic that Intel allows a company like McAfee which seems to not want any other Antivirus software on it's computer except it's own? Or am I overstepping my bounds in my assumptions?


      If so or not, is there a way to fix this, because I have been using Avast! for a long time, and I refuse to use McAfee because I don't like McAfee's footprint. I was hoping that when I bought this Anti-Theft app from Intel, I was buying Intel's version and not McAfee's version... since this seems to be impossible, I would like to find a way to make both the Avast! and the Intel Anti-Theft app to work together, or at least work in a symbiotic nature together.