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    DZ77GA-70K: Firewire (1394) recognition problem


      I have a DZ77GA-70K here (latest Bios 0061, default settings)  with an Intel 3770K (not overclocked), 16GB (2x8) memory and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti running Windows 7 Pro 64Bit SP1 with all updates applied, all drivers are up to date. PSU is 630W. Today I noticed the following:


      It happens from time to time that the onboard 1394 controller doesn't show up in the Device Manager although it's enabled in the Bios. Also an addon 1394 card isn't recognized frome time to time. In fact when everything is okay then both controllers show up. Or both don't show up. It may be related to some power saving voodoo because after waking up the machine after some hours usually makes 1394 disappear.


      Has anyone here seen something like that? Which setting in the Bios shoud I modify or disable? Or ist the Bios the problem? Or would you suggest that the board should be sent back?


      Thanks for all your help in advance!