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    No "Maintain Aspect Ratio" in settings


      Hello. I Recently bought notebook Asus x201e with integrated Intel HD 4000 (on core I3) and one of first things I didn't find - how to enable maintaining aspect ratio scaling? There are no such option in Intel graphics panel. Look at the attached image(it is in russian cause I'm using russian version of windows 7) : I tried to search for this problem, but found, that it almost always comes with dual videoadapters(nvidia and intel). But I don't have second one! So it is quite strange for me. I have lastest generic drivers from Intel download center, also tried drivers from windows update - they are similar. Second problem is that I use Windows 7 32 bit, but manufacturer gives drivers and soft for 64x of windows 8. Can this be clue? And it all - how to add it? Maybe it is generic drivers problem?

      Thanks for answer