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    Intel hd 3000 very bad performance cs 1.6


      Hey, i have a asus k53e with hd 3000, when i play cs 1.6 with some friends my fps drops see the screenshot:




      My configuration in the game is the lowest:

      Render: Open GL (i tested direct and softwate but are worst)

      Resolution: 640x480

      Color Quality: 16bits


      WTH 14fps? i cant believe.. where is the problem? i have the lastest driver 2932 from intel website, and tried the lastest from asus 2828, and the performance is ridiculous, i need a fix.


      My system:

      windows 8 pro x64

      i3 2330m

      8gb ram 1333mhz

      hd 3000

      ssd 128gb