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    S5520HC + SROMBSASMR + AXXRSBBU8 Battery Help.



      I'm having issues with the above configuration - it can't see the battery.

      The S5520HC has the latest package through efi (63;61;33;112).

      Initially the raid rom did not show. I powered off the system, unplugged the battery, powered on - all good.

      I then tried the battery again. The rom loads but does not see the battery. I left it for an hour so that I can rule out a flat battery.

      Still no good.

      I've tried another battery & it's still not seen. Both batteries had a flashing red led on the back.

      I've even flashed the SROMBSASMR with firmware 11.0.1-0051.

      I've uesd AXXRSBBU3 batteries in the past with no issue. These are now discontinued...

      I'm connecting the battery to the raid with the supplied 20pin cable. Pin 1 was marked with texta and I can see I haven't plugged anything incorrectly.

      Any ideas?