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    D945GTP BIOS update failure


      I recently attempted to flash a D945GTP to the latest BIOS, but I encountered a problem while trying to update the LAN ROM. For some reason, the motherboard was persistent in freezing during that portion of the update.


      Ii tried flashing the motherboard again while invoking the /nr switch. Unfortunately, this has left the motherboard BIOS in a corrupted state and I am unable to recover the BIOS using the documented methods provided on the Intel website. The only thing that this motherboard does now is power-cycle after 5 seconds.


      Is there any way to get this motherboard up and going again? I have stripped down the system to motherboard, processor, one RAM module, and one IDE DVDRW drive. I have tried using the recovery method via the DVDRW and USB drives. Both methods don't work.



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          I have a similar problem.


          After accidentally setting memory frequency to 667MHz the BIOS no longer boots. It beeps 3 times indicating a 64K base memory problem.


          I've just tried BIOS recovery using the USB and CD methods (yes I removed the yellow jumper) but the PC just beeps 3 times and stops whenever I turn it on.


          Is there any way to simply reset BIOS setting to "factory defaults" ? I've removed the BIOS battery but this doesnt seem to clear anything.

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            It would be better to post a new thread about your problem as it IS NOT related to mine, or better known as a thread hi-jack.



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              I also encountered the same problem as BrianE-IT said (freezing during LAN flash...) i left it for half an hour then hit reboot, it booted back into my OS (XP pro) fine and stated the bios was updated succesfully! So i guess i am a lucky one. I know this isnt much help but i guessing there must be a way to clear the bios using a jumper and using maybe a floppy drive to reinstall the bios?

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                Verify your bios verion.  That message after reboot mean nothing.