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    DX79TO problemer med pci-e raid controller

    Jacob Christiansen

      Hello Intel.

      For over two months ago I built a "home lab" on DX79TO motherboard, because it along with a 3820 CPU supports VT-d and VT-x.

      I have over a month struggling to get my new purchased HP Smart Array P410 RAID controller to work, but it is not discovering any of my disks (which is compatible with the controller).

      It can not boot either on the hard drive that sits in 6 Gbps port on the motherboard, or boot the DVD drive, or get into the bios when I have my raid controller card installed.

      Is it something you have an idea for how I can solve?



      Best Regards

      Jacob Christiansen, DK

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          Hi Jacob,


          We would like to inform you it is very possible this is a compatibility issue with the device. We build our products to industry standards but there is still the possibility of incompatibility.


          -Test with a different device if possible to narrow the issue properly.


          -We also recommend contacting the device manufacturer for further compatibility information and assistance.


          Thank you for your understanding.