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    D945GTP BIOS upgrade failure

      Well,  I have seemed to come across another Intel motherboard that refuses to take a BIOS update.


      The first attempt involved booting from a USB thumbdrive. IFlash started to run, but froze when trying to update the LAN ROM. Another two more attempts, I attempted to flash to the latest BIOS while invoking the /nr switch. IFlash froze again, but after attempting a reboot, the BIOS became corrupted in the process.


      So far I have tried to recover the BIOS with the recovery instructions provided, but the motherboard refuses to take the ROM file. All it does is continously power-cycle. I have removed the battery, cleared the CMOS (if there is one), removed all RAM modules minus one module, and disconnected all drives but the DVDRW from the system.


      Is there any way to get this "pile" up and going again, or is it destined for the electronic recycling bin? I've let the system run for about 10 minutes now and it still power-cycles.