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    i7 740QM Fluctuating Wattage


      I am troubleshooting an issue a friend is having with his laptop. It is an ASUS G73Jh. It has the i7 740QM processor in it. The problem is, it tends to hang at random times and unplugging or replugging in the power adapter seems to "wake" it up for a short time. Well, the reason I am posting this here is because I feel this may be a problem with the power supply, but also could be a problem with the processor. When using CPUID's Hardware Monitor, it shows the watts for the CPU around 14 minimum and 54 maximum. I believe it is supposed to be somewhere around 45 or so, and I believe it should also remain there almost all of the time. The temperature has also shot up to around 85 degrees celsius a few times, which is far too hot for my liking, especially when the idle temps are so much lower. The watts are almost always sitting around 14 when it is hanging, and when it "wakes" up, it will jump to 54 or so for a bit, then fluctuate around and end up back around 14 where it hangs again. While it is hanging, the PC is literally stopped. Everything just sits there, Windows Explorer won't budge, nothing. If anyone has any advice or knowledge on the subject before I order a new PSU, I am all ears. I first thought it was an HDD issue until I noticed the power numbers. Also on a side note, when the power adapter is not plugged in, the battery will be sitting around 14-14.5 Volts, but when it is plugged in, it continuously climbs as high as almost 17 Volts. This doesn't seem right to me, but I don't know much about Lithium-Ion batteries either, all I know is the battery says 14.5 Volts on it.


      Sorry this was so long, and thank you for your time.