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    Bad temps on Core i7 920

      Hello everybody:


      I have one of these CPUs. The heatsink i am using is the Noctua NH-U12P.


      Well, the temps according to the program Asus PC Probe II are these: idle 38º C, load 60º C. All this measured with an external temp in my room of 18º C and with the i7 920 working at its default frecuency, no overclock at all.


      After reading some reviews out there, i think these temps are too high, aren't they?


      Thanks in advance!




      Juan Carlos

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          Hi there,


          To be honest, the temperature is still working within the threshold operating temperatures.

          Temperature 67.9°C

          Website: http://processorfinder.intel.com/details.aspx?sSpec=SLBCH


          I have tried this CPU on the Intel SmackOver DX58SO board, the maximum CPU temperature reached 55C.


          So to be on safe side, check with Asus Manufacturer if there is something on their new BIOS. Or simply it could be down to your system chassis aeration, integration, power supply etc.


          Hopefully, the new BIOS can fix this if there is any known cases like this. Since this is a board Asus, it is difficult to comment on the functionning of the board


          Kind Regards,


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            The temp range you are describing is perfectly normal for your i7 and heatsink. They are exactly the same as mine and everyone else at EVGA overclocking forums.