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    Can't find my motherboad for a bios update


      i have a D945CF and im trying to put a intel core 2 quad 2.88ghz (q9550) into my computer, but only one problem the intel motherboard i have that i got in 2007 has no support information,  has no updates nothing at all, all that shows up is the d945clf, and obviously thats not my motherboad, so do i have to buy a new motherboard, or wait a new system now just to put a cpu in my computer to make it run a little faster?

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          Well, there is no such thing as a D945CF motherboard. The only Core 2 compatible 945 board from Intel that I see is the D945GCL. If you have the GCF, then I can tell you that it would be up to Gateway to provide the updates to your system, not Intel as the GCF is a Gateway OEM motherboard.


          The obvious part though is that any Intel D945 based board won't go above 1066 FSB. You won't be able to use the Q9550 as the FSB on that processor is 1333. The fastest quad-core processor that you could use would be the QX6800. If you want to use a 1333 FSB processor, than you'll have to upgrade to the DG45 series.