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    Intel Not Producing Desktop Boards After 8 Series, So Give Us Visual BIOS For 6 Series & X79 Series


      Just as the title states we know now that Intel will not be producing desktop boards any more after 8 series. So my request is simple please Intel BIOS/Visual Bios developing department, give us VISUAL BIOS for 6 Series Motherboards & the X79 Motherboards now that you will not be producing any more desktop boards it would be a nice parting gift for your loyal consumers


      I particularly use the DZ68BC and would like to see VISUAL BIOS on it, i guess many consumers would, plus the DZ68BC BIOS since 0035 have been nothing but trouble so if you don't mind fix the BIOS and please release it as VISUAL BIOS


      One last good parting gift for your consumers


      Anyone who is up for this idea of VISUAL BIOS please post in this thread, so that Intel can know how much we want the VISUAL BIOS.