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    DC3217BY RAM Case Issue


      I am running the NUC with the following configuration and having RAM issues


      DC3217BY with Thunderbolt

      Crucial m4 256GB CT256M4SSD3

      Thunderbolt to Ethernet Adapter

      Logitech Unifying USB adapter for keyboard

      Running Windows 8.


      I am currently trying out two sets of RAM.

      Corsair 8GB CMSO8GX3M2A1333C9


      G.SKILL 8GB F3-10600CL9D-8GBSQ

      Was getting BSOD after about an hour and a half of amazon prime HD video with the corsair ram, ran MEMtest and got a bunch of errors so I bought the G.Skill go give it a try.  Ran MEMtest, no errors.

      Right now I get the NUC up and running but that is without the back cover on.  Seems to work fine,  I am idle at 57 deg_C.

      When I shut down and put the cover back on the unit will not power on.  I get one LED blink and nothing after.

      The Corsair RAM works with the case cover on

      I bought the unit a month ago and have yet to get it to work properly.  Anyone got any ideas on why its not working with the cover on, its driving me nuts.

      *Update - Lower Ram chip wasn't sitting correctly in the slot. Seems to be working well now with the G.Skill memory.