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    DH77DF bios not recognizing PCIe TV Tuner Hauppauge HVR-2250


      osOK - I realize others are reporting this problem, so I thought I would state the situation I am in with as many details as possible, with the hope that intel can use this information to correct the situation.


      I am using the DH77DF board, updated with the newest bios (0106) as of 12/27/12.  I have noticed that when I first plug in the Hauppauge WinTV HVR-2250 card, then boot to bios, the bios will recognize the card.  However, on every subsequent boot, it does not register, unless I physically pull the card out of the PCIe slot and plug it back in.  Again, it will register in the bios only on the first boot after plugging it in again.  I had contacted intel support and they told me to put in a hard drive delay (I tried this up to 30 seconds) and to allow display of POST codes on startup.  Neither of these setting changes made a difference.


      I have plugged the same HVR-2250 in my other Intel DP67BG board and it is recognized without issue.  It also worked fine for 2 years in my old Gigabyte motherboard.


      I have a different Hauppauge WinTV 723x (pulled out of an HP computer), that is recognized by the bios with no issues on every boot. Anyway, feel free to add to this.  I would love some advise if this combination (DH77DF with HVR-2250) is working for anyone else.