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    Disappointed with Intel Motherboards


      I just wanted to say that, ever since I started working for Alienware, I fell in love with the rock solid stability of Intel motherboards. However, after purchasing the DX58SO, I would seriously consider looking for another brand of motherboard for building PCs and Workstations around.


      Out the box, it needed a BIOS update just to run the Vista DVD. Mind you, Intel did not provide me with a simple program that lets you boot off a USB flash drive with the installation CD or on its website. You have to learn to make your own bootable USB flash drive. Regardless, Vista has been out long before the introduction of the X58 chipset and thus the DX58SO motherboard. Vista should have been able to install out the box.


      The BIOS takes about 10 seconds before it gets to the Intel splash screen which also performs a 7 second memory test. There is no "Fast boot" feature available in the BIOS, which should be a standard in every motherboard in the year 2009.


      If you leave eSATA enabled, you get a warning message that the "Hard Disk Cannot Be Found" (looks bad to my clients). Apparently, the eSATA is configured to look for a boot volume before the internal SATA. As of the latest BIOS, there is no way to configure the boot order for eSATA/internal SATA or let alone disable booting from eSATA. What was supposed to be a feature has to now be disabled to present a properly working computer to the client.


      By default, Intel (or Vista) had "High Definition Audio Device" configured to wake the computer up. Took me a while ot troubleshoot the culprit, but apparently this was causing the computer to randomly crash when the client goes to Wake/Resume the computer.


      "Wake on LAN", enabled by default (by either Intel/Vista), causes the computer to come out of sleep randomly. The computer would sometimes crash on Wake/Resume when it was awoken by the network adapter  (note: the computer is using the onboard LAN). The "Wake on Settings: Wake on Directed Packet" doesn't stop the computer from waking up on broadcast packets.


      I hope that people reading with this and had problems with their DX58SO motherboard might find this information useful for troubleshooting similar problems.


      I also hope that Intel takes these comments in stride towards providing a better out-of-box  product experience while continuing to provide the rock solid motherboards that made me fall in love with them in the first place. I hope you start with a BIOS update that address some of the shortcomings of the limited BIOS Menu while also improving Power Management features.

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          I too have been in the game for a minute and have always loved that same reliable expeience with Intel motherboards. Shockingly, the DX58SO appears a disorganized, rushed to market affair. All the issues you mentioned are true and you can add the D0 stepping incompatibility to the mess as well.

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            Very True Said

            they have no doubt rushed to market this time with these 3 boards for DDR 3 ram


            DP45SG, DX48B2, DX58SO


            all 3 of them have got some real problems and Intel ppl r still sleeping i dont wht they r up to this time on this forum area 5 ppl have been gone for other mother boards and intel dont have to say anything abt it i love intel my self thts why i am feeling very very sensitive and itchy on this board issue now and i really dont like at all, there is no OFFCIAL response to any thread no word is out there god knows

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              The best part is a lack of response from Intel customer support acknowledging the issues at hand.


              What a PoS Intel motherboards have become. I'm gonna exercise the warranty on my motherboard to see if another one fixes the problem of the computer hanging when resuming from suspend. It doesn't happen all the time, but it happens every other day, and it becomes very annoying and frustrating when you leave important documents open.


              Hopefully they send me a new motherboard first before I have to send mines because I'm going to lose productivity / time / money if I have to send mines in first.


              All because I made the mistake of trusting the Intel name brand. Never again.

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                Applications and motherboards are totally different animals and as far as support. Kaspersky, Norton and others have been working for months on first beta, RC and then RTM for Windows 7 with their programs.


                I never built a system before, took care in choosing parts, and DX58SO has had one small flaw with audio and which I was going to use a card for anyway.


                I had more trouble with eVGA even though they have active forum users, I found sleep, fans, and BIOS - and as to which PSU, memory and other items, to be just as iffy probably.