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    DQ45CB PCI to IDE ATA/133 Controller problems





      I just bought a DQ45CB with Core Duo processor.  I am going to put this in a system that has older PATA (IDE parallel) drives.   I installed a 2 port PCI ATA-133 IDE adapter card.  The board would not boot with the PCI 2 part PCI ATA-133 IDE card installed.   The post code sequence I observed before the board stopped booting was 51 then 50. 


      POST Code   Explanation found in Intel’s Documentation

      51                   - Allocating resources to PCI

      50                  - Enumerating PCI busses


      Can this board accept a PCI card that acts as an IDE disc controller?  If so what card would you recommend?


      What I have decided to do is purchase a SATA to PATA converter for each of the old IDE drives, however I would prefer to use the PCI card.