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    82566DC questions




      i'm in the process of trying to optimize my LAN, and have some questions about the 82566 NIC and Intel Pro Software. ast my environment:


      Dell XPS410

      Win Vista UItimate x64 SP1

      Intel Pro drivers v14 x64


      My questions are as follows:


      1. where did they hide the jumbo frame setting in the pro set utility? can't find it anywhere.
      2. is there any type of FAQ that makes suggestions on how to optimize the NIC's performance?
      3. is there any documentation for the NIC?
        1. dell has none, i already checked
      4. in a end to end gigabit environment, what is a good expecatation for performance?


      Thanks in advance for any/all suggestions or information.

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          all the information that intel makes available for this controller is here: http://www.intel.com/design/network/products/lan/docs/82566_docs.htm

          I assume that you have already checked this. Unfortunately there isn't anymore informatioon that would work as a 'User Guide' since this adapter is an OEM component only, it not an actuall network Host bus adapter.


          The jumbo frames options are normally located under the adapter properties in Device Manager in Windows. There is a tab called advanced. it should be in there. Remember that all you switches need to support it and all PCs must be configured with the same jumbo frame size.


          I also found very strange that Intel didn't have a whitepaper explaining how to optimize network performance. actually thats not true, they do have a lot of information concerning optimizing networks for the Server and virtualization enviroments. i guess most end customers don't have a specific need to have super super fine-tuned performance for network card (as long as they can go to youtube, they are happy). I guess some of the general principles of server optimizations can be applied to you as well.


          as for good expectation for networks, it depends on what you need. are you looking for performance for a proper large database? or are you looking just to transfer files?


          Remember that a gigabit has a maximum throughput of 1000Mbps and of that 20% is already overhead from the 8b/10b encoding used by gigabit ethernet.

          The 'usual' TCP packet as it is has around 32Bytes header (60bytes for TCPv6) and thats in every packet. Remember of all the control packes that need to be sent back and forth.


          remember that your nic can only transfer as fast as your HDD can read and the other can write.



          don't get me wrong, gigabit ethernet is fast(for the moment its all we have on the consumer market) but its not magical. you're not going to get the 125MBps maximum throughput.


          I would recommen a little tool from microsoft called NTttcp to test your network performance.



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            oj, i saw that page you reference but it doesn't really fit the mold of a "users guide". thanks for pointing it out though.


            you are correct that it was there when i was using the MSFT drivers, however since switching over to the Intel drivers, it's now not there anymore.


            my environment is primarily focused on file sharing (i.e. NAS) and media sharing of movies etc., no db at this time.


            i would be very happy to get anything over the 5MB/s that i'm getting now, hence my desire to tune the environment as much as possible.


            i'll test the nttcp tonight after work, thanks for pointing it out.

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              i  reckon that you should be getting more than 5MBps just using the standard settings.

              I had something similar before with an old asus motherboard and it turned out that the LAN controller was faulty. perhaps you could use or borrow a PCI or PCI express nic and test it out.



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                i think you are right. i'm considering swapping on both NIC's on the affected systems and replacing with an Intel Pro/1000 adapter which will functionally eliminate the NIC as the issue.


                what do you think?

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                  superb idea. this will also rule out the possibility of any OS configuration.



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                    ordered them yesterday, and they are in route. hope to have them by the end of this week for testing over the weekend.


                    i guess the next part of this is what settings should i set on them when they arrive?

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                      We have a LAN User Guide that might give you some of the info you're looking for.  It is targed to Intel NIC products, but is applicable to pretty much any Intel LOM.  Also, there is a networking performance document that might help some.  It can be found here.  One last thing, Intel has some newer drivers posted.  It never hurts to load the latest.


                      Good luck

                      -Justin Wright