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    Possible issue with Intel Matrix Storage Manager (help plz)


      I am having an issue with random hard drive failures. Sometime my hard drive will simply fail just sitting on my desktop. I am forced to reboot and when i get back to my desktop the Intel Matrix Storage Console tells me that my RAID volume was degraded and to replace my hard drive. The odd part is that i simply set the failed drive to normal and after it rebuilds it seems to be fine. This doesnt happen too often. Sometimes once a day, sometimes once a week. However, I have been using Driver version for awhile now and looking at older posts it would seem that people have been having the same issue with this particular version.


      Now my question is: Is there a more stable driver i could download? I noticed this Intel Rapid Storage Technology. Should i be using this instead? If so how would i go about removing the current one i am using and installing that one? Sorry if i am asking something that may seem simple, but i have no idea what i am doing when it comes to this.


      I use Windows 7 64bit