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    Dp45sg and ddr3 ballistix memory

      I just built my new system and im having a terrible time finding good compatable ram for my motherboard. This dilema started about two days ago

      I started with a 4gb corsair xms3 kit and the system would let me into bios and such but the numbers and voltages werent right on the ram, this is because i got the wrong kit it was 1600mhz but my board and cpu are 1333 and the ram was posting at 1066mhz so i manually changed the mhz to 1333 and the voltage to 1.8 like corsair said , upon reboot i could no longer even get into bios. I solved this situation and got myself back into bios. next i pulled the corsair ram kit and got a 4gb set of crucial ballistix 1333mhz pc3-10600.  This ram is supposed to be compatable with the p45 chipset according to crucial. Upon turning the system on with this ram i get three beeps from the board meaning no memory. I kind of figured this would happen since after i got the ballistix kit i read that its great compatable ram ..........once you get all the right voltages and settings right. so my question is can i install the corsair ram that lets me into bios and edit the settings to be set up for the crucial ballistix ram then power down swap sticks and go to town??? and if so does anyone know the exact bios settings that work for the ballistix ram im pretty hesitant to edit those settings again as it was a nightmare to get the cmos cleared after the first time....thank you in advance!


      System specs---


      power = antec ea-650

      Motherboard = intel dp45sg

      CPU = intel q9550

      video = msi n250gts

      ram = Crucial ballistix # BLKIT25664BA1336

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          I am having the same problem, but I have done some research. If you look at the manual or online (http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/dp45sg/sb/CS-029151.htm) it shows the supported DIMM configurations as well as the tested memory. It looks like the board only supports 1gb at 1333mhz per memory slot. So if you are using a 2gb memory stick then the motherboard only supports 1066mhz 2gb memory per slot. That is why the motherboard fails when you try to change in the bios to 1333mhz. If that wasnt enough the cas latency for 1333mhz only supports 9/9/9 or 9/10/10. Which sucks because I have also purchased Ballistix memory that has a cas of 6/6/6 and is pretty much useless because the motherboard is going to only read it as 9/9/9!