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    Using both HD 4000 and AMD Radeon HD 7770




      I registered so that I could pose this question.


      I have a new Z75 system with a Core i7-3770 processor, which came with integrated Intel HD 4000 and add-on AMD Radeon HD 7770 graphics, running Windows 7 Home Premium. I selected this system for purchase because I participate in a distributed computing project and I'd read that the new Ivy Bridge processors and this chipset make it possible to use both the GPU and the iGPU, which would enable me to contribute that much more to the DC project.

      However, to date I haven't found any way to actually make use of this capability. Although I have the HD 4000 driver installed and Device Manager says it's working properly, the program I would use to utilize the HD4000 can't find it. GPU-Z sees it but doesn't give it any CUDA or OpenCL capability, even though the installed programs list shows that I have the Intel HD Graphics Driver, the "Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications 2012," and the "OpenCL 1.1 support for Intel Core processor family" all installed.


      I have tried connecting the onboard graphics to the second input on the monitor, but there is no signal coming from there.


      I tried turning off the PC and disconnecting the expansion graphics so that only the integrated graphics would be connected, but the screen remained blank.


      I also tried connecting the iGPU to a different monitor (with and without the add-on card connected to the first monitor), and all I got was blank screens.


      In case it makes a difference, my system came with only DVI connections (x2) on the iGPU -- there's no VGA port out.


      I'm at a loss as to what else to do to get this to work. A Web search including reading this forum suggests that the concept of running integrated and add-on graphics concurrently isn't quite "there" yet. Is that right, or is there something else that I might try?


      Thanks very much.

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          Hi primechaser,


          Depending on how the motherboard is built and configured then it will be possible or not to use both graphics controllers at the same time.  If that specific motherboard supports using two graphics controllers at the same time then it is necessary to change some video settings in the BIOS.  I recommend contacting the motherboard manufacturer in order to ask them if it supports the feature you are trying to use.