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    5100 not running in N mode.


      D-link DIR655 router.  Intel 5100 in a Dell Studio 17 lap top running Vista 64.  The router is set up to run a/b/g/n but adapter will not run any faster than 54 Mbps.  If I set the router for "N only" the 5100 will not connect (as expected given the 54 Mbps).  I worked with D-Link support, and after going through gyrations and setup, said  the problem is with the network adapter.  Dell support could not identify the problem and told me to update the router's firmware which was up to date.   The device driver version for the adapter is and Windows says it  is up to date.


      One interesting point: When I go to the 5100 "device manager" - advance tab - wireless mode, option 6. is 802.11a/b/g.  "n" is not included in any of the options.  Does enabling the "820.11n" Mode override this setting?  The mode for the router is "mixed a/b/g/n."  This is  the only glaring issue that I have found with either the router or the adapter and suspect this is where the problem is.