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    DZ75ML-45 problem

    David Cox

      Problems building new system.  Please help


      This is a new build, this problem is a first run problem.


      Board - DZ75ML-45 - new

      CPU - i3-3220T - new

      Mem - Corsair DDR3-1600 CMZ4GX3M2A1600C9B - 2 boards - new

      PS-Seasonic 380

      KBD and mouse - USB (problem is the same if using PS2 Kbd and mouse)

      CD - Liteon usb external.

      Boot drive - OCZ SATA3 SSD plugged into port SATA2

      Additional HD - Seagate SATA3 plugged into SATA3

      Video is on-board.


      Both hard drives, PS, CD Drive, KBD, Mouse are all known good from currently running machines.


      Motherboard, CPU and Memory are all new.


      Problem Symptoms:

      1. Turn on system, comes to start screen.


          - successfully updated bios using thumb drive method

        - Can enter select boot drive <F10>

          - system sees both HDs and the external HD.


      2. Try to boot to SSD (has Windows XP32 on it)

        - after a portion of startup, system goes back to start screen (see 1  above)


      3. Try to instal new OS.

        - shortly after starting the installer, it comes back and claims it cannot see any storage media.

        - symptom is the same for Windows and Ubuntu.


      4. re Memory, have tried using only one card and at a time and in different slots, problem persists.


      I have no way to swap out Motherboard, CPU or Memory with another machine.


      I am reasonably computer literate and have built many systems.


      All good ideas welcome, I would rather not go the RMA route.



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          Hello David,


          Please let us know the BIOS version loaded on the motherboard. Here are our recommendations as well:


          - Test with a different installation media and make sure you are following a clean installation of the Operating System using the latest drivers from our website:


          Download Center



          - Test with a different hard drive and cables if possible to narrow the issue.

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            David Cox

            Problems are resolved


            First, the SATA problem was "operator error".  I should have realized that the install discs would not have the appropriate drivers.  When installing Ubuntu WITH the internet connecter, it went off and found the drivers.  (Thanks go to son-in-law.)


            Second, the <F2> not getting to bios.  Reading through other F2 problems on this support site, but for different boards, some folks found that using an analog monitor with adapter to dvi port caused the problem.  So, I disconnected the monitor, booted the board hitting F2 once a second until I guessed that if it was going to work, it would by now be in Bios.  I reconnected the monitor (hot plugin) and viola, the system was in bios screen.


            Note that the Technical Product Specification,, "The DVI-I port supports both digital and analog DVI displays...DVI analog output can also be converted to VGA using a DVIVGA converter.".  That, unfortunately for Intel, is a functional bug I cannot live with. It also begs the question, "What other published functions did the coders get wrong?"