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    Experience with HDDScan


      Has anyone been successful getting HDDScan version 3.3 to view and test their HDDs when they're attached to the ICH10R?  I'm running WIn 7 Pro x64 on a DX58SO with the latest BIOS and drivers, and I can't get HDDscan to even open.  I double click on the downloaded .exe file, the cursor indicates some activity, but the HDDScan screen never appears.  My mobo BIOS is set to RAID as I'm planning to build an array in the future, but currently the one attached SSD and one conventional Seagate HDD are not in an array.  Any ideas on how to get the program to open as it looks to be a pretty good tool?  And it's free!



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          I believe that I got it working.  Even though version 3.3 of HDDScan is supposed to support Windows 7, it needed a little help.  By running the Program Compatibility troubleshooter in Control Panel I found a solution. I clicked "Run programs made for previous versions of Windows" and HDDScan opened up.

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            Not so fast...


            I just tried running it on my Intel RST RAID 5 array (since I just added another disk) and, while it used to work just fine, it now crashes with a "Floating Point Division by 0 Error" during startup.


            Playing with the compatibility settings did not help.


            The RAID went from 6TB to 8TB so I'm thinking some limit to disk size was hit.