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    Severe FPS drop for HD 3000 15.28.12 in The Secret World


      So, there I am happily playing The Secret World on my i7-2620M with 4 GB RAM and Win7x64 Pro with 15.10.2696 drivers and DX11 setting. Low settings with around 15-20 FPS. Then a Windows Update comes in and installs Intel WDM 1.2. Games drops below 5 FPS. I uninstall the update and install the latest drivers. Things are just the same - 2-3 frames per second. Everything lags like hell. I uninstall and revert to the old drivers (I could hardly find them) and things start running (almost) smooth again.


      I mean, performance is not stellar at all. But it is playable. For a laptop it is even good.


      But what on Earth did happen to the drivers in the 15.10->15.28 transition? I mean, things are not worse - they are disastrous!


      Anyone else with similar issues?