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    Audio problem in dp 45 sg board

      I have a dp 45 sg MotherBoard and IDT integrated audio (vista 64bit os)whenever I play songs at volume level more than 30 sound clips or breaks; is it a hardware problem or direct sound error ; I have installed latest IDTdrivers but problem persists

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          I had the exact same issue.  My problem was the P-Audio cable that was plugged into the motherboard from my case.  I have a Thermaltake SopranoRS computer case and the Audio Panel cable confuses the motherboard thinking there is a Microphone plugged into it.  When I play my MP3s, the sound skips every few seconds and the configuration panel pops up showing that the Microphone jack is occupied it isn't.


          I'm not sure if this is a BIOS update issue as my computer has been freezing up lately & I've been unable to determine the full problem since the BIOS 116 update.  I hope part of this helps.

            This problem occurs due to connection of the wire connector on the front panel. This connector tells the sound card there is a microphone connected to the front panel and cause sudden stops. Try disconnecting the cable from the front panel audio and music.


            If not present the problem, follow the manual of the motherboard on pages 44 and 45, item Front Panel Audio Header table 5 and 6.



            Good luck!