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    q9400 installing CPU fan

      Hi, I am trying to install CPU fan on Q9400 however I can not seem to get 2 diagnal sides to clip in at same time....it is drively me crazy.  This is a retail chip so came with CPU fan.  Is there an easy way of doing this that I am not seeing here....I have never had so much trouble getting a fan to clip in place....thanks.

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          the fans legs is a two part piece of plastic. the black bit on top has the ability to twist. it can twist from an Open position and to an Clipping positition. on the latter position when the clip is pressed down it will clip on to the white bit and hold it in place.

          If i remember correctly, you have to turn counter-clock wise then pull up to move it to Open position.

          to move it to the 'closeable' position you need to move it clockwise.