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    Hot plug issue with ICH8



      I have a P965 motherboard with ICH8R southbridge. Its SATA controller normally supports hot plug when running in AHCI or RAID.

      On my computer, under Vista 64, it works fine when I plug a drive, it is detected by Windows and it appears the Explorer.

      But when I unplug a drive, it is not detected properly. The HDD LED on my case stays on, as if something was constantly trying to access the drive, the systems slows down and finally after a variable amount of time, the systems hangs and I have to push the reset button.


      I had this issue with the controller set to AHCI and Intel Matrix Storage 8.6 installed, and now I have this issue with the controller set to RAID (OS installed on a RAID array) ant Intel Matrix Storage 8.8 installer.


      If the Matrix Storage Console is launched when I unplug the drives, it looks like it detects the unplugging (the view is refreshed), but it hangs immediately.


      Are there particular parameters to set on the system or in the driver to make the hot plug work correctly ?


      Thanks in advance,