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    Delating a Raid-0 Volume (Raid Bios / ICH8R)


      Hi there,


      II´m trying tto delate a Raid-0 Volume (2x WD VelociRaptor je 150 GB)


      So I did this:


      1.Ctrl-I to enter the 'MAIN MENU (Raid Bios)

      2. In the main menu, i selected  the second option, 'Delete RAID Volume'.

      3. In the 'DELETE VOLUME MENU',  I selected the RAID 0 volume that schould be delated, using the up and down arrow keys.

      4. Press the Delete key (DEL) to delete the volume.

      5. Press ''Y" to confirm the deletion.


      Well, but it doesnt work at all !!  The Raid-0 volume (R0_1500HLFS) couldnt be delated and did this job several times. Noooo way. ... !

      So what´s wrong ? I can´t understand this!


      Need some Help,  plz. ...


      (PS:: I hope you can undestend my question, sorry for my bad inglish)


      Thankyou very much.