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    Temperature problems with DG45ID and Q9400


      Hello all,

      I have built a system on DG45ID and Q9400.


      Problem #1:


      While Everest shows me core temperatures about 40 Celsium, Proshot shows -62 C.

      Does it mean that throttling will begin at 102 Celsium?

      Is 80C temperature normal for this processor?


      Problem #2:


      I cannot force PWM CPU cooler rotate faster. The rotation speed remains minimal until coretemp reaches 75C, and only after that fan speed increases slightly.

      Some third party coolers even do no start until temperature reaches 75C

      It seems that this is because the system assumes maxTemp = 102C.


      I don't beleive it is good practice to allow core temp reach so high temperatures.

      Updating BIOS to the latest, playing with Fan Control setting in BIOS gives nothing.

      As a result, to have temperatures below 71C (as described in Q9400 datasheet) I disconnnected my cpu cooler from pwm socket and attached to mobo rear fan 3-pin socket.


      Any solution?